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TikTok Star Pinky Doll Uses Filter, She’s Not Light Skinned



TikTok Star Pinky Doll Is Actually A Brown Skin Girl & Not Light Skinned

TikTok Star Pinky Doll Is Actually A Brown Skin Girl & Not Light Skinned

TikTok Star Pinky Doll is one of the biggest African American TikTokers in the world, The beautiful young lady has millions of followers, who watch her fun videos.

But Pinky Doll has a secret … she’s not really “pink.” The social media influencer has been using a “lite skinned filter to alter her skin tone and make her appear lighter.

Pinky explained to her fans in an earlier video that she got the name “Pinky Doll” because it refers to her skin color, which she described to her followers as “lite skinned.”

Fans of the TikToker are upset that she misled them. Some folks are even saying that Pinky used a”Liteskin face” to trick her followers into following her.

Fedha Sinon, known online as Pinkydoll, is a Canadian livestreamer and social media personality. Her “NPC livestreams”, in which she reacts to gifts sent to her with repetitive phrases and motions, went viral in 2023.

Her TikTok account reached 400,000 followers that same month, while her livestreams began to earn her as much as $7,000 in a day as they reached hundreds of thousands of viewers, including Timbaland and ATL Jacob, two of her top viewers during one of her livestreams.

Her appeal has been attributed by critics to the uncanny valley of her movements, the confusion caused by her persona, Pinkydoll’s “star quality” and “voice like honey”, a “surreal combination of sexiness and smooth videogame character body language”, and her livestreams being considered fetish content. Also in July 2023, she received backlash after announcing she would be accepting a gig in Hollywood during the 2023 Hollywood labor disputes.

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