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Blueface Blasts Charleston White After Being Compared To Ike Turner



Blueface Slams Charleston White After Being Called "Modern Day" Ike Turner

Blueface Slams Charleston White After Being Called “Modern Day” Ike Turner

Charleston White has joined the growing list of celebrities who have had enough of Blueface’s behavior lately. In a new online rant, Charleston compared the West Coast rapper to Ike Turner…who was notorious for beating his then-wife, Tina Turner.

“Blueface, I got to give you coins, n-gga. You are the modern-day Ike Turner. Because there’s no other musician, there is no other artist, who I see fill the shoes of an abusive lover. I just want to remind you, young brother,” he ranted.

“Cuz, whoever you is or what you is, you’re abusing those girls. You are demonstrating some of the most foul and most disrespectful behavior that any Black man can display publicly to his baby mama.”


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He continued, “The shame that you bring to this little girl, I wouldn’t be surprised if your baby have some emotional trauma that your child is dealing with because you do know that whatever the mother feels while she’s pregnant, the children will feel, by way of the umbilical cord, feels what the mother feels. So, the shame you bring to the mother. You also bringing shame to your children.”

Blueface caught wind of Charleston’s jab and took to Twitter to drag him, and call him “Uncle Ruckus.” He said, “N***a went front box that b*tch, hit her on top of the head, jam her neck up to l’m an abuser now. Prime example [of] never let social media dictate your reality or judgement in real life. I’m outside everyday. That boy a mouse in the house. I’d rather be Ike than Uncle Ruckus.“

Blueface sent another tweet and said, “I’ma be the same n***a everyday. I will never change the game plan for likes and approvals, streams, or fake love. I know what’s best for me.”

He then retweeted a fan that said, “Blueface do have a point. White just taking advantage of how people feel on social media and running with hit. White knew people were going to rage with him.”

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