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TikTok Challenge Leaves Teen Disfigured With Nearly 80% Of Body Burned



TikTok Challenge Leaves Teen Disfigured & Unrecognizable

You might want to monitor what your kids are viewing on TikTok because these challenges are getting out of control!

According to The New York Post, A 16-year-old North Carolina boy is severely disfigured, with burns covering nearly 80% of his body after a challenge went wrong.

Per the report, “Mason Dark and his friends were creating a makeshift torch with a spray paint can and a lighter, which triggered an explosion that consumed the teens in flames.”

His mother, Holli Dark, says he’s “unrecognizable.” The TikTok challenge encourages social users to use flammable aerosols to create miniature flamethrowers.

When the can exploded, Dark’s friends ran instead of taking his shirt off. He jumped into a river to soothe the burns. But now he’s at risk of catching an infection from the river.

He was also a high school track and football star. He has already had several surgeries and will have to heal at home for the next 6 months.

“I hope he has speedy recovery, but when is enough enough,” someone commented. “How do people come up with such stupid and dangerous challenges on social media, is it difficult to think of something sensible to do?” another person wrote.


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