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Jonathan Majors’ Blonde Accuser Identified As Grace Jabbari – Pics



Identity Of Jonathan Majors' Accuser Revealed - Details

Identity Of Jonathan Majors’ Accuser Revealed As Grace Jabbari – Details

Hollywood actor Jonathan Majors career is in a tailspin, ever since his blonde girlfriend came forward, and accused the actor of allegedly beating her. Yesterday Jonathan’s lawyer leaked some explosive evidence which seemed to contradict the victim’s version of events.

And among the evidence, was a photo of the woman making the allegations. Typically domestic violence victims names and images are not released to the press.

But yesterday, Jonathan’s attorney released evidence that offered three distinct clues as to the victim’s identity – and Twitter is claiming to have figured out who the woman is.

The first clue, according to evidence filed by Jonathan’s attorney is that the woman and Jonathan were in some sort of a “committed” relationship. Jonathan’s attorney says that the incident began, when the woman looked at Jonathan’s phone – and flew into a jealous rage.

The second clue, is that the woman is a blonde. The third clue, came from a recent Variety article, which described the victim as “working” on the set of Jonathan’s latest movie Antman & The Wasp.

Fourth clue is that she’s British. In Jonathan’s lawyer’s documents, she explained that the victim was found unconscious after taking “too many tablets.” The use of the word “tablets”, instead of the more Americanized word “pills” suggests that the alleged victim is British.

With those four clues, Black Twitter is claiming that the alleged victim is a blonde British dancer named Grace Jabbari, who was romantically linked to Jonathan just a few months ago. And folks on Black Twitter are spreading her name all across social media.

Here’s Jonathan and Grace on the red carpet together, just a few months ago:

And here’s a picture of Jonathan and Grace just a few months ago in Hawaii together:

Identity Of Jonathan Majors' Accuser Revealed As Grace Jabbari

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