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Lil Durk Called An Illiterate Over Embarrassing Birthday Note To India Royale



Lil Durk Gets Dragged For Being An Illiterate After Sharing Embarrassing Birthday Message To India Royale

Lil Durk Gets Dragged For Being An Illiterate After Sharing Embarrassing Birthday Message To India Royale

Over the past few days, Lil Durk and India Royale’s relationship has had fans in a frenzy when Royale announced she was single on social media. The two share a four-year-old daughter Willow Banks. They became engaged in 2021, which ended in September 2022 over cheating allegations.

Apparently, Durk isn’t giving up anytime soon even after admitting that they’re no longer together. He took to his Instagram to share a long birthday tribute message to his ex-fiancé. “She not dumb,” he stated, silencing trollers. He then explains how their relationship turned sour.

“I fucked up. She played a small part. She is really a good girl who live[s] life. I am a good guy, good husband,” he wrote. “I just never listened to her pain back when she was pregnant with Willow in the belly.”

Addressing the mother of his child, he wrote, “So, I ain’t perfect. But I am perfect for you. I love you, and I am all ears whenever we get back into a relationship. You saved my life with you, Willow, and big Sky; out of all my kids you was there. Don’t attack her. She is the best in the world. I didn’t do her wrong. I just kept her from the world.”

Toward the end of the message, he gives her a birthday shoutout. “Happy birthday, @indiaroyale, not belated, every day you day… read it everybody.” He continues, “Real love not a paid situation. I just love her to death. She is fed up, but I’m a save us.”

Unfortunately, folks on Twitter are dragging him over the message, calling him an illiterate and an embarrassment. “Durk illiterate as fuck. Reading that shit gave me a headache. I had to start over 4 times because I was not comprehending lmaooooo,” someone commented.

“Lil durk illiterate af that would only irritate me more cause wtff is you even sayin?” another person wrote.


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