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California Man Gets Arrested 10 Times In 1 Month



California Man Keith Chastain Gets Arrested 10 Times In 1 Month

California man who racked up almost three-dozen charges and 10 arrests in the past month was most recently busted for allegedly driving a stolen car to the police station to pick up his personal property, cops say.

Local law enforcement is “very familiar” with Keith Chastain, Clovis police said in a statement.

The 38-year-old was booked into the Fresno County Jail 10 times between Feb. 19 and Tuesday, the department said. Six of those arrests happened in Clovis, just northeast of the City of Fresno.

The most recent came as officers intercepted a stolen vehicle and found him in the driver’s seat, according to police. Officers located the stolen truck and “initiated a high-risk traffic stop” right outside the Clovis Police Department building around 9:30 a.m. PT Thursday.

They arrested Chastain without further incident.

“He was the only person in the stolen truck and was actually on his way to pick up his personal property from our department when he was arrested,” police said.

Between mid-February and this week, police say he racked up 18 felony charges and 15 misdemeanors. The cases involve six stolen cars, DUI, drugs, vandalism and fraud.

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