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Famous Celebrities Who Use Kratom



5 Famous Celebrities Who Use Kratom

If you’re into holistic healing, there’s a good chance you might’ve heard of the powerful Mitragyna speciosa leaf. Are you interested in trying red Borneo kratom pills as a therapeutic alternative, pre-workout, or a way to unwind? Then go right here.

Keep reading to discover what kratom is, its legality, and a list of five well-known people that support its benefits.


What is kratom?

Kratom is a tree in the coffee family that’s native to countries in Southeast Asia. It’s been used as a herbal medicine since the early 19th century. 

It provides a mild psychotropic effect and may boost energy in smaller doses. It may also aid in managing chronic pain, anxiety, and depression when taken in larger quantities.

Users may enjoy the benefits of kratom by chewing, smoking, or brewing products made from the Mitragyna speciosa leaf. 


Is kratom legal in the United States?

Although the US doesn’t regulate kratom on a federal level, some states have imposed restrictions or bans on selling, using, and possessing these products. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is considering labeling it as a Schedule I controlled substance.

It’s currently illegal to trade, possess, or use kratom in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Kratom isn’t on the list of prohibited substances by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) but has been monitored since 2018.

It’s still accessible to amateur athletes in states where kratom is legal or unregulated and won’t appear on a regular drug test. 


5 Celebrities that use kratom

Are you wondering if there are famous people who use kratom? Several celebrities strongly advocate its use, especially those with strenuous or contact sports backgrounds.

Here’s a list of five notable names that strongly believe in the benefits of kratom.


1. Joe Rogan

No other celebrity is as vocal about the benefits of kratom as Joe Rogan. This longtime UFC commentator and television personality openly promotes the benefits of kratom on his controversial podcast

Joe Rogan uses kratom capsules daily to manage pain related to his knee injury. On the recommendation of a friend, Rogan took ten capsules as a pre-workout. He immediately experienced different effects when using it in lower dosages. 

He described feeling “head-high,” as if he had multiple cups of strong coffee but reportedly didn’t experience any impairment or motor-control issues.

The Joe Rogan Experience has been Spotify’s top podcast since 2020. Rogan has a deal worth $200 million with the streaming giant, giving them exclusive streaming rights until 2023.

On his podcast, Rogan states that he will continue advocating for using kratom. Although there are dangers to abusing kratom, he believes that the government should not regulate what well-informed adults may use.


2. Matt Wiese

Former professional wrestler Matt Wiese, known as “Luther Reigns,” attributes his successful fight against opioid abuse to kratom. He also experienced positive results when using it as a pre-workout supplement and claims it increased his focus during martial arts.

Wiese is a part of the Netflix documentary A Leaf of Faith. Here he shares his personal story of how he introduced his partner to kratom leaves to help her get free of ketamine abuse.


3. Chris Bell

This powerlifter and filmmaker is the mastermind behind Netflix’s new kratom documentary, A Leaf of Faith. After his brother passed away from substance abuse, Bell was determined to find a solution to opioid addiction. 

In his documentary, Bell interviews athletes about their experience with kratom and tries to disprove misinformation and stigmas surrounding it.

Bell also credits kratom with winning his battle against opioid addiction. He reportedly started self-medicating with opioids after competitive weightlifting took its toll on his body.

Bell believes the fear surrounding kratom’s addictiveness is disproportionate to its benefits. He states that substances like coffee and sugar are significantly more addictive than cocaine without the surrounding stigma.


4. Senator Orinn Hatch

Although we can’t be sure that Senator Hatch is linked to kratom and famous people, he deserves an honorable mention. 

He put his weight behind kratom regulation as a natural substance with a long history of medicinal use. He was also sympathetic to public outcry deeming it a safer alternative to the opioid crisis.

In 2016, he spearheaded a Senate letter that urged the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to cease the proposed ban on kratom. This pause would allow much-needed time to gather input from experts and the public.


5. Jessamyn Laurel Duke

Duke is a professional MMA fighter and wrestler sponsored by a kratom brand. She uses it as a pre-workout to decrease muscle fatigue.

She competed in various elite fighting championships, such as the UFC, the Invicta Fighting Championship, and the WWE.


Not just a bitter pill to swallow

While there are some minor concerns regarding safety, numerous well-known people believe in the benefits of kratom. Whether you want to try this natural supplement for exercise or pain relief, stay informed and ensure you purchase high-quality kratom products.

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