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Back to School: Best Streaming Devices



Back to School: Best Streaming Devices

Back to School: Best Streaming Devices

The majority of readers might not even remember the use of audio tapes back in the day to learn a foreign language or listen to music while doing homework. Yet, it has been quite challenging as people used to exchange these tapes and copy them repeatedly to ensure they have access to all the latest.

Keeping some nostalgia aside, modern students have the great benefit of using streaming devices and platforms to hear and see basically anything from educational videos to Netflix movies and music on Spotify. Depending on what you are after, there are various solutions and streaming devices that are worth checking! 


Back to School: Best Streaming Devices 


– Roku 4. 

You can finally stream your video content in 4K if that is what you’re after! The best part about the Roku platform is that you have an almost endless number of sources by using anything from Netflix and Amazon to the major music streaming platform and even news stations. There may be still some things to fix, yet it works well for most online reviewers. Of course, it won’t be able to do your homework, yet it offers quite a broad range of helpful apps. For school duties, you can approach TopWritersReview as you browse through the built-in browser and seek urgent assistance. Sometimes it’s a little bit that you miss when an expert can help you! 


Amazon Fire TV. 

It can stream UHD video and sits somewhere in the middle among competitors. At only $99, it is a great option to consider for a home streamer! Amazon’s Alexa, an additional Fire TV game controller, and a great user interface make it a no-brainer! 


– Apple TV

Currently, in the 4th generation, it’s on the pricier and fancier side of things! Being around $150-170 at the major shops nationwide, it’s one of the best options where the Siri integration alone makes it worth it. The only problem is that it doesn’t have Amazon Instant Video streaming, yet most people can live without it. It has great multilingual support! If something is unclear, you can use various translation apps that might be helpful. Some people claim that the quality is up to the highest standards and there are no major issues. 


– Google Chromecast

If you belong to a family on a budget or your parents do not want to spend much for entertainment purposes, tell them that there are options that represent a simple dongle that can be used with a smartphone or plugged into an already existing TV. In practice, it is not much worse than the other options since you can use your home PC’s HDMI port and the Wi-Fi network. It’s only $35, so it instantly makes it a competitive offer with all the Chromecast apps included and the possibility of browsing the net. 


Games, Music, and Education Should Not Break The Bank! 

Even if you already have a streaming device in your living room, it might be high time for an improvement by purchasing a simple streamer with smart capabilities. It will make it easier to access Netflix or Amazon Prime, depending on what you are after. Of course, you do not have to put out the cash for an Apple TV if you are on a budget, yet it’s always possible to think about adding a Google Chromecast that will fit most families these days. The key is to determine your goals and start with an affordable option first, as most of them will offer accessible upgrade options! 



Elaine Bailey knows how challenging it can be for parents and kids to keep up with the demands of modern learning. As a technology specialist and online educator, she loves to seek helpful solutions and share them in writing. Follow Elaine to explore new possibilities and make technology work for you. 

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