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21 Savage Says He’s Working To Be On Drake & J Cole’s Level



21 Savage Doesn’t Consider Drake & J. Cole His Peers

21 Savage Doesn’t Consider Drake & J. Cole His Peers

21 Savage says he doesn’t put himself on the same level as Drake and J.Cole because he still has more work to do.

“There’s just a difference, bro. That’s, like, years of work and a fanbase that is going to be there until they die, that’s different,” he told Complex.

“I feel like I’m working to be on that level that they’re on, but I don’t feel like it’s the same. I feel I could do something corny, and I would lose a lot of what I got. That wouldn’t happen with them,” 21 added.


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Drake and 21 Savage had one of the biggest selling albums of 2022 “Her Loss” but Savage acknowledges that Drake is still the bigger star out of the two.

He continued: “Drake could do whatever, Cole could do whatever, and they’re shit not going anywhere. I’m working toward that level for sure, but I don’t think I’m there yet. I’m not saying I’m light-years behind. They’re more solidified, and I’m still building on what I got. But I could be wrong… It’s all about how the fans look at it.”

“Her Loss” was guaranteed to be a moment. 21 was able to hold his own and the collaboration helped get him “hotter” while introducing him to a much larger audience. Her Loss is what ultimately set Savage apart from the rest of his peers this year.

The surprise album dominated hip-hop discussion after it dropped and showcased how 21’s rapping has reached new heights.

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