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Texas Teen On Rampage Choked Newborn Babies At Hospital



Texas Teen Went On Rampage & Choked Newborn Babies At Hospital Shouting 'Die'

Texas Teen Went On Rampage & Choked Newborn Babies At Hospital Shouting ‘Die’

According to the Ny Post on Monday an 18-yr old Marcus Dewayne McCowen who was visiting his girlfriend who was in labor at the Odessa Regional Medical Center decided to act up and act crazy going on a rampage in the hospital.

What makes this story sad, but will definitely have you mad is he decided to attack several staffers and also unfortunately two new born babies.

Marcus went into the nurse station where he grabbed the nurses arm making a crazy statement, but staffed asked him to leave. He then began running up and down the hallways and a mom who was leaving the hospital with her new bundle of joy and two nurses was abruptly ran up on by Marcus who screamed before pushing one of the nurses Haley Sanchez to the floor all while trying to get into the Hospital nursery.

He snatched the baby from the mother and runs into a lactation room, grabs the newborn baby by the neck chocking the baby until the baby’s face turned blue.

Thankfully some nurses came to the baby’s rescue taking the baby from Marcus, but sadly he then made his way to another room reaching another baby and began choking her. Apparently, Marcus was shouting “die” while trying to choke this baby. The baby was saved by a staffer.

The cops eventually arrived and according to the Ny Post Marcus attempted to grab an officers gun. He was arrested and charged with two counts of attempted capital murder, possession of a controlled substance, attempt to take a weapon from an officer, assault of a public servant, resisting arrest, criminal trespass and assault.

Police found a vape pen with THC at the time of the arrest. The staff on that shift had a hell of a day, but they are forever heroes. We’re living in some sinister times. Stay prayed up neighbors.

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