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People Warned About Dressing Up As Jeffrey Dahmer For Halloween



People Are Already Being Warned About Dressing Up As Jeffrey Dahmer This Halloween

People Are Already Being Warned About Dressing Up As Jeffrey Dahmer This Halloween

Since being released on September 21st, Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has been the talk of the internet, toppling multiple viewership records on the Netflix platform.

The truthfulness in the touchy subject matter and the dazzling performance by lead actor Evan Peters have brought the 1991 serial-murder case back to the mainstream, fueling debates (about race and police work) and garnering cult-like fandom in the process.

The popularity of DAHMER is at an all-time high, and with Halloween quickly approaching, the public may soon have a huge social dilemma on their hands, which could result in heated confrontations and fights between jokesters and those who don’t wish to see the cannibal who murdered 17 people glorified on one of the most popular holidays in the world.

Numerous Twitter users have already begun to broach the subject, and as October 31st draws near, the conversation is only getting more intense.

“If you dress up as Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween just know you getting robbed,” wrote a Twitter user. “If I see anyone dressed up as Jeffery Dahmer for Halloween you gettin b***h slapped,” added another user.

“The fact that there are literal adults defending the idea of dressing as jeffery dahmer for halloween…and they say our generation is the problem,” another user wrote.

“Some of you are sick for trying to dress as Jeffery Dahmer for Halloween. there’s a huge difference between dressing as a fictional killer vs a real one. think of the victims families,” Tweeted another commentator.

The real-life Jeffrey Dahmer is often compared to the famous serial killer that preceded him, Ted Bundy. His exploits have also inspired several Halloween costumes over the years.

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