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Monica Faces Backlash For Dressing As Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Mugshot For Halloween



Monica Receives Backlash For Dressing As Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes Mugshot When She Burned Her Ex’s Mansion For Halloween

It’s Halloween season and celebrities have been sharing their iconic looks for the festival. However Monica isn’t getting the response she was expecting after sharing her Halloween costume.

Monica dressed up as Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes for Halloween. Her costume is quite controversial because it was Lisa Left Eye’s mugshot from when she burned her ex’s mansion.

“I think Monica dressing up as Left Eye’s mugshot is strange. Maybe it’s just me,” someone commented. “Monica is so tasteless, I’m disappointed,” another person wrote.

On the night of June 8, 1994, Rison was reportedly out clubbing with some of his friends. Annoyed with Andre, Left Eye also went out with some friends but returned home before Rison.

He returned home at approximately 5 AM on June 9 and was greeted by an agitated Lopes — reportedly angry because he bought himself lots of new sneakers, without getting her any — in the driveway of his million-dollar mansion.

Claiming self-defense, Rison allegedly slapped Lopes to try to calm her down. When that didn’t work, the couple moved inside the house, where Rison reportedly picked up the TLC star, slammed her onto the bed and sat on her in a repeated effort to control her. When that failed, Rison left the home.

It was at that point Lopes allegedly set fire to a pair of sneakers in the bathtub, then went outside and took a vacuum cleaner pipe to the windshields of two of Rison’s luxury vehicles. Before long, the entire mansion was engulfed in flames.

Monica Receives Backlash For Dressing As Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes Mugshot When She Burned Her Ex's Mansion For Halloween

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