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Lil Baby Won $1M In Casino & Gave $10K Each To All His Bros



Lil Baby Gave $10K To All His Bros After Winning $1 Million In Casino

Lil Baby made headlines earlier after showing love to James Harden by gifting the NBA star $250K for his birthday.

The bromance between rapper, Lil Baby, and NBA player, James Harden, has existed for quite some time now.

The two have referred to each other as “brothers” and have been spotted with each other on numerous occasions. From ditching their duties and spending time together to getting in trouble in Paris, the two men seem to be the best of friends.

Once again, Lil Baby showed his king gesture making sure everyone eats by giving all his crew members $10K each after he won $1 million in casino.

The Atlanta rapper is currently getting praised on social media following the act. “How do I apply to be a 4PF bro?” a fan asked. “We wanna be baby.. we want friends like baby,” another person wrote. “They said he would never stop gambling,” someone else joked.

Over the weekend, a video of Lil Baby performing back in 2017 went viral. In the clip, Baby is seen performing when an older man approached him and snuck what looked to be a few bills in the pocket of his hoodie.

The 27-year-old didn’t quit rhyming, but he did reach into his pocket and throw the money to the ground just as quickly as it was placed in there.


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