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Kevin Gates Explains Why He Doesn’t Support BLM



Kevin Gates Explains Why He Doesn't Support Black Lives Matter

Kevin Gates Explains Why He Doesn’t Support Black Lives Matter

Kevin Gates faced backlash a while back after he said he did not support the Black Lives Matter movement because he didn’t see color.

“We kill each other. I’m talking about we lay up under each other’s cars, lay behind each other’s houses then whip by, boom boom, kill everybody in the car,” he said at the time.

“We kill each other, but as soon as a white boy kills one of us, everybody go to hoopin’ and hollerin’ and all that old stupid-ass sh-t. That’s bullsh-t,” he added.


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In a new interview with DJ Akademiks on “Off The Records”, he explained the remarks.

“They got mad when I said ‘I don’t support Black Lives Matter’ ’cause who they matter to. We kill each other all day. We talk about each other all day. You know who talk about me the most on the internet? N-ggas. N-ggas. You know what’s worse than a n-gga? Two of them,” he told Ak.

He added: “Make you don’t want to be a n-gga. It be n-ggas my own people that look like me. Talk about me like a dog, kick me when I’m down. I don’t look at color and see race no more. I see real and fake. That’s it.”

Listen to him below:

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