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6ix9ine’s Girlfriend Jade Arrested For Domestic After She Hit HimViolence



Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Girlfriend Jade Arrested After She Put Paws On Him Inside Miami Nightclub

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s girlfriend Jade was arrested last night in Miami after she hit Tekashi inside a Miami nightclub.

According to TMZ, officers saw Tekashi and Jade being escorted outside and engaging in a verbal argument.

When the police arrived, they asked him what happened and he told them Jade hit him inside the club. Police also saw marks on his face. Many witnesses claim to have seen Jade hit Tekashi and also try to grab his chain.

Though Tekashi didn’t completely comply with officers, there was enough evidence to arrest her for assault. He says she was drunk and was pressured by her friends to attack him inside the club.

He says he’s trying to bail her out, unlike her friends, who reportedly left her there. He claims he won’t be pressing charges.

“I’m gonna get her out jail — she attacked me in front of the police I told them, ‘You have to evaluate her she’s obviously under the influence I don’t plan to press charges … I’m the one trying to bail her out,” Tekashi told TMZ.

The video obtained by TMZ shows the aftermath of the altercation. 6ix9ine can be seen arguing with a group of women before he is escorted to his car. Jade’s bond is currently set at $1,500.


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