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Killer Monkeys Snatch & Throw 4-Months Old Baby Off Of Roof Top In India



Monkeys Snatch 4-Months-Old Baby From Couple In India & Throw Him Off Of Roof Top

Monkeys Snatch 4-Months-Old Baby From Couple In India & Throw Him Off Of Roof Top

A four-month-old baby has died after being thrown off the roof of a three-story house in Bareilly, India, according to reports.

Nirdesh Upadhyay, a resident of Dunka village in Bareilly told that he and his wife were walking outside on their terrace with their infant son when a pack of monkeys suddenly jumped onto their roof on Friday.

The couple apparently tried to shoot the monkeys away but were unsuccessful. Upadhyay, 25, apparently ran to the stairs with his son but accidentally dropped him which gave the monkeys an opportunity to take him.

Before the parents could react, the monkeys picked up the infant and flung him from the roof. The child died on impact.

What to do if you’re attacked? Do not run away or show fear – this will just tell the monkey that you are inferior and their aggression could intensify. Back away slowly, don’t turn your back on the monkey but do avoid making eye contact.

Show the monkey that you are not holding anything in your hands. Many monkeys attack because they think you are withholding food. If you have none, show them your empty palms. If you do have food, throw it in their direction – but not at them.

Most of all – don’t panic. Stay calm and walk away, the monkey will lose interest in you if you proceed in this manner. Don’t scream or try to fight off a monkey.

If a monkey tries to steal something from you, let them have it. It’s likely that once they have it, they will drop it and you will be able to recover your property. Monkeys are curious and mischievous by nature so anything loose or with straps is at risk. Of particular interest are bags, sunglasses, jewellery and cameras.

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