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Cubana Lust New Mugshot Released, Looking Like A Crackhead



Cubana Lust's Latest Mugshot & Crackhead Pics Surface Online

Cubana Lust’s Latest Mugshot & Crackhead Pics Surface Online

Times have been hard for Cubana Lust, real name Yolanda Cuellar, who was a popular video vixen from the 2000s and was one of the first “Instagram models” before it became a viable career option for many.

Unfortunately, the past decade or so has not been kind to Cubana, who lives in south Florida.

She’s been battling with drug abuse and the subsequent ills which accompany addiction. And as a result, Cubana has being arrested multiple times over the last half decade. Now she resembles Bubbles, the crackhead from the popular HBO series The Wire.

But her most recent arrest, and the subsequent mugshot – seen above -is probably the most troubling. According to police, Cubana was taken into custody and charged with trespassing.

However, details surrounding the arrest have not been made available. Because of the s* x symbol she was, folk online are shocked at her latest mugshot.

Cubana Lust is an archetype for the current Instagram models, who dominate social media.

Here’s what Cubana used to look like. She was romantically linked to 50 Cent, Fabolous, and Rick Ross:


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