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Bobby Shmurda Reveals He Had Oral Sex & Smoked Weed In Prison



Bobby Shmurda Recalls Receiving Oral Sex & Smoking Weed Behind Bars

Bobby Shmurda Recalls Receiving Oral Sex & Smoking Weed In Jail

Months after Bobby Shmurda said he’s no longer having sex for the next six months after he “had the worst day ever,” the Brooklyn rapper is now opening up about the time he spent behind bars, including the prison riots, him receiving oral sex and even smoking weed.

While sitting down with Variety this month, Bobby opened up about his life behind bars. He claims his prison experience wasn’t too bad because “you smoke weed, get head on visits and sh*t, you good.”

When asked if h was “wilding in jail” and what were “some of the craziest moments,” Bobby responded, “I don’t know if it’s the riots or the sex on the visits. I got oral sex, didn’t get sex sex. I’m too big to be doing all that other sh*t, ya understand?”

When asked if anyone saw him receiving oral sex, Bobby said, “Some of [the correctional officers] wouldn’t care, they’d be like [shrugs]. Some would be like [in deep voice], ‘Ackquille Pollard! Chill, hold it down, son! What the f**k you doing?! This girl right here, both of y’all get the f**k out!’”

Bobby also recalled when he was age 16 and was sent to a pysch ward. He wholly explains: “I was going to the doctor and evaluations from second grade until I was 16. ADHD, ADD. They tried to put me on pills but my mom’s West Indian, so they not with none of that sh*t. ‘He needs an a** whooping, sit him down.’ After that, I started smoking weed — it’s crazy, it calmed me down. When I smoke weed, I’m like this. [Sits still.] If I don’t smoke weed. I’m like ‘AHHH!’ Tasmanian [devil].

The last time I’ve been to the psych ward was 16 or 17. I tried to burn the place down because security didn’t want to let me out. I was in juvenile and they wouldn’t let me out. These were some big motherf**kers. Every time the needle came out, I shut the f**k up. “I’m sorry!””

Comparing life in prison to life in the pysch ward, Bobby said, “The psych ward [was worse]. Jail, you smoke weed, get head on visits and sh*t, you good.”

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