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Marlo Hampton Says Kandi Burruss Was A Hoe Who Fucked Men For Free



Marlo Hampton Claims Kandi Burruss Was Once A Hoe Who Fucked Everyone For Free

Marlo Hampton Calls Kenya Moore & Kandi Burruss ‘Hoes’, Claims Kandi Burruss Fucked Everyone For Free

During the June 12th episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Miss Marlo Hampton went all the way off about Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss.

Marlo was in the middle of comforting and talking with Shree Whitfield who had her heart broken by her boo Tyrone in the last episode. Marlo felt that none of the girls were there for Sheree when she really needed their support.

Now, while attending a dinner party hosted by Sanya Richards-Ross, both Sheree and Marlo went outside the event to get a few things off of their chests. Marlo said Kandi was once a “h*e” who slept with men for “free”.

She also claimed that Kenya, who often boasts about being “Miss USA”, was also a “ho” who tried to hook up with rappers, but they only ever rejected her. Sheree backed up Marlo’s shade by saying those are “facts.”

Taking to Twitter, Kandi reacted to the claims saying: “Someone is worried about my anatomy and sexual history  more than my gynecologist this season.” She continued, “If someone shows you who they are believe them … because they talking about me more than they talking about their own stories and businesses.”

“Keep watching this season because the lady with the heavy tongue keeps my name in her mouth! #RHOA,” Kandi Burruss added.

Last month, Kandi Burruss made similar headlines following accusations that she s*cked d*ck at the back of locker room. To make matter worse, fellow cast member Sheree Whitfield says she won’t be surprised because Kandi Burruss have been sucking D everywhere else.


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