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Mariah Carey Has To Constantly Remind People She’s A Songwriter At Hall Of Fame Induction



Mariah Carey Says She Has To Remind People She’s A Songwriter At Hall Of Fame Induction

Mariah Carey Says She Has To Remind People She’s A Songwriter At Hall Of Fame Induction

5x Grammy Award-winning artist and R&B legend Mariah Carey has officially been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame! And during her speech, she admits that she still has to constantly “remind people” that she’s a damn songwriter.

As she was joined by fellow inductees like The Isley Brothers, The Neptunes, Li Nas X and more, Mariah has been recognized by a relatively small group of songwriting and music-publishing peers for her latest career achievement.

Unlike many other female pop stars and R&B/Soul singers, Mariah writes her own music. Like Taylor Swift, who is one of the most talented pop stars in today’s music, Mariah is often faced with skepticism and criticism about her songwriting.

Mariah — who was inducted in the 2020 Songwriters Hall of Fame, but now celebrating in 2022 due to the pandemic — had the last laugh during her speech. The Queen of Shade made sure to let off a couple shots while accepting her newest award.

Firing back at memes mocking her songwriting capabilities, Mariah said, “I constantly have to remind people that I’m a songwriter. It’s become a joke, to the point where … because they’re all into the diva thing, it’s like, “Oh my gosh, she’s a diva, wow, diva. (Puts on glasses and preens, crowd laughs) You may be somewhat familiar with the meme of me going over and over, “As a songwriter, as a songwriter, as a songwriter, as a songwriter!” So hopefully tonight, we can create another meme, AS. A. SONGWRITER! (Holds up award and smiles)

Just to touch on something I kinda never got to say in public: In my early teen years, I told nobody that I wanted to be a singer or aspire to do this. And I just always assumed the person that you’re listening to on the radio — because you listened to the radio back in the day — was the one who wrote the songs, so I didn’t know there was a differentiation, I would just be like, “Obviously this person wrote the song.”

She added, “But to know the people that are the unsung heroes of the whole thing — it’s an amazing situation, so please one more round of applause for yourselves!”

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