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Lil Jay Says DJ Akademiks Didn’t Instigate Beef In Chicago: “He’s Doing His Job”



"Everything Is On The Internet.. He's Doing His Job" - Lil Jay Say Akademiks Didn't Instigate Beef In Chicago 

“Everything Is On The Internet.. He’s Doing His Job” – Lil Jay Say Akademiks Didn’t Instigate Beef With ‘War In Chiraq’

DJ Akademiks has been coming under fire over time for supposedly instigating lots of beefs in Chicago. Akademiks has a YouTube channel ‘The War In Chiraq’ dedicated to analysing beefs in Chicago.

According to 600Breezy, Akademiks got big off Chicago rap beef and allegedly hyped up XXXTentacion beef with W Pvnch.

But not everyone agrees that Akademiks Instigated beefs in Chicago. In a new interview, Chicago rapper Lil Jay says AK was just doing his work.

Lil Jay Says DJ Akademiks Didn't Instigate Beef In Chicago: "He's Doing His Job"

“Akademics gave you the name of marine. What do you think about akademics like cause.. a lot of people give him a hard time about the war and Chirag claiming that he instigated beefs and stuff like that,” the interviewer asked Lil Jay.

“He wasn’t instigating that ****  he was just telling what he saw.. you feel me ****** ******* be telling on themselves on the internet,” Lil Jay responded.

“He doing nothing but putting that **** together and putting that **** out there. It ain’t it ain’t like he making this **** up. Motherf*ckers put that show on the Internet. These goofy how he instigate something you goofs putting on the Internet ain’t doing nothing but making some money off of ****.”

“Though. I don’t think he instigated ****. He’s probably a little exaggerating a little bit of times. You know what I said?” Lil Jay added.


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