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La Toya Jackson & Her Husband Claim Michael Jackson’s Spirit Visited Them



La Toya Jackson & Her Husband Claim Michael Jackson's Spirit Came To Visit Them After He Died 

La Toya Jackson & Her Husband Claim Michael Jackson’s Spirit Came To Visit Them After He Died

Michael Jackson’s sister, La Toya, and her husband, Jeffre Phillips, allege that the King of Pop’s ghost came to visit them after he died.

In an exclusive report by @radaronline, a source said that Letoya and Jeffre told them specifically that Michael appeared in the shadows of their home in haunting fashion.

“They said Michael visited them dressed in the white pearl beads that Michael wore when he was laid to rest,” said a source. “They claimed, ‘The lights were out, and Michael appeared in the curtains.’ It was just his face, and then he began to move, “ La Toya and Jeffre said.

“His eyes were open and he appeared peaceful, but then he vanished. He came again, and this time, it revealed more of him – down to his shoulders. LaToya said she turned the lights on and asked, ‘Michael, do you wish to go to the other side?’”

The couple claim this wasn’t the only time they had a spooky visit from the legend. They’ve had a paranormal visit from him a few times since his passing. Letoya claims she felt his presence and asked him to make himself known to her. “If you are here, let me know. Flick the lights or something,’” La Toya previously said. According to her, the lights went on and off.

Jeffre is currently being sued by Michael’s estate for allegedly stealing Michael’s belongings after he died. Jeffre and Letoya stayed at his home the week after he died with the rest of his family. While there, Jeffre allegedly stole his deathbed pajamas, handwritten notes, a briefcase with personal and business letters, the singer’s driver’s license and iPhones belonging to Michael and his children.

He’s also accused of stealing a resuscitator tube that was used on Michael when he overdosed in June 2009. It was discovered all of these items were stolen when he apparently tried to auction some of those items off.


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