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Young Thug’s Lyrics Will Be Used Against Him In Court



Young Thug's Lyrics Will Be Used Against Him In Court

Young Thug’s Lyrics Will Be Used Against Him In Court

Court documents obtained by Dreddsworld shows Young Thug‘s lyrics will be used against him in court. Rappers often portray a gangster lifestyle in their music, championing life of crime and fraud in their lyrics.

As it stands, Thugger’s lyrics will be used against him in court and it doesn’t look any good for the Atlanta rapper.

Young Thug’s verse on ‘Slatty’ is used against him. “I killed his man in front of his mama
Like fuck lil’ bruh, sister and his cousin
Now I kick my shit, that ain’t no punt
Like fuck my wrist, it ain’t enough
Now I fuck my bitch ’til it ain’t nothing
I shoot out, blank, still ain’t cuffin’ up,” he raps on the song.

Young Thug’s ‘Anybody’ lyrics is also used against him. “I never killed anybody (Body)
But I got something to do with that body (Somethin’, just shh)
I got the streets on my back (On my back)
Carry it like I’m moving a body (Huh)
I told them to shoot a hundred rounds (Do-do)
Like he tryna movie the body (Movie)
It was like 11 in the morning
Skippin’ school, that’s a truancy body,” Young Thug raps on the track.

Another song’s lyrics used against him is ‘Slime Shit’. “Hey, this that slime shit, hey
YSL shit, hey
Killin’ 12 shit, hey
Fuck a jail shit, hey
Drinking Actavis, hey
On that snail shit, hey
Cookin’ white brick, hey, hey
Bricks and Bales shit, hey, hey
Bitch, I’m super rich.”

“Ski” is another song lyrics used against Young Thug in court.

On Monday night (May 9), journalist Michael Seiden of local Atlanta news station WSBTV reported that he and his artist Gunna and 26 other members of YSL have been accused of RICO charges.

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