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Rapper KSoo Father Snitching On His Son, Set To Testify Against Son At Trial



Jacksonville Rapper KSoo Dad Will Be A Witness For The State In Son's First Degree Murder Case

Jacksonville Rapper KSoo Dad Will Be A Witness For The State In Son’s First Degree Murder Case

Jacksonville rapper KSoo father will testify against his son at trial.

Abdul Robinson Sr., 51, has agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in a high-profile m**der case in which both of his sons are charged.

Hakeem Robinson, 23, is charged with first degree m**der. Abdul Robinson Jr., 27, is charged with second degree m**der. Robinson Sr. is charged as accessory after the fact to first degree m**der.

Three others are also charged in the case Court records show Robinson Sr. has agreed to testify as a witness for the state in the McCormick case. He has been moved out of the Duval County Jail for his safety.

In 2020, Hakeem and Abdul Robinson, were eyed by an off-duty cop as they participated in a drive-by. In response, the officer pursued the vehicles that he saw popping off until they crashed and took off. It is alleged that KSOO’s dad actually drove him to the spot where Lilbuck aka Charles McCormick would be.

The officer further noted the father and son team also broke into someone’s home, held the homeowner hostage and stole clothes so that they could switch up their identities.

It was also noted that last back in 2019, his album cover featured photographs of murder victims.



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