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Quarterback Cut By Team After ‘Smoking On His Opp Pack’ Celebration Video



Quarterback Gets Cut By Team After 'Smoking On His Opp Pack' During Touchdown Celebration 

Quarterback Jason Stewart Gets Cut By Team After ‘Smoking On His Opp Pack’ During Touchdown Celebration

Quarterback Jason Stewart pulled a joint from his uniform pants and lit it during a game in Fan Controlled Football.

Jason Stewart, QB for the Zappers in Fan Controlled Football, celebrated his touchdown pass by ‘smoking on his Opp pack’, lighting a joint and smoking it on the field.

He went on to throw three more touchdowns in the game but quickly came down from his high. Stewart was cut with one game remaining in the regular season for breaking an FCF rule stating marijuana is not permitted at the game site or nearby league hotel in Atlanta, where recreational use remains illegal.

“Jason Stewart was cut from the Zappers for violating league policy,” Fan Controlled Football said in a statement.

“While the FCF fully supports player’s responsible use of cannabis, unfortunately it is still illegal in the state of Georgia and is banned by our venue and hotel property partners – so our policy of not allowing smoking at these sites is well known by all of our players.

“Smoking that Glacier pack,” Stewart said. “Stay zapped, my friend. Stay zapped.”

The video was picked up by various Twitter accounts and retweeted thousands of times as Stewart put the high in highlight. Some called it the greatest touchdown celebration of all time.

“First QB to ever smoke TREE after a TD in a pro game,” Stewart wrote in an Instagram post for his 110,000 followers. “History made!” he wrote in a separate post.

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