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Kevin Samuels Died Of Cardiac Arrest At Age 56 After Being Found Unresponsive



Kevin Samuels Is Dead After Being Found Unresponsive

As word of Kevin Samuels‘ death circulated throughout the internet, individuals began to make their own assumptions and hypothesize that he died of cardiac arrest.

According to GossipOfTheCity, Kevin Samuels had complained of chest pain early in the morning.

The woman he was with attempted to help him but he fell on the top of the her. By time the paramedics arrived Kevin was on the floor and unresponsive. It’s now confirmed that he died of cardiac arrest at age 56.

Following the self-proclaimed image guru, his followers have resorted to physical violence and sexual assault against women.

This has resulted in low self-esteem and mental illness. Many other people, on the other hand, have backed the YouTuber and begged others to stop spreading death rumors.

The YouTuber has been chastised for his sexist videos, which involve female objectification and hate. Moreover, the so-called relationship guru is frequently seen giving ladies advice based on European norms.

The Internet has taken measures into its own hands, creating a petition requesting that Kevin Samuels’ platform be removed from YouTube and Instagram.

May his soul rest in peace!


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