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Father Of White Boy Who Took Whip To Black Family Arrested For Misconduct



Father Of White Boy Who Took Whip To Black Family Arrested After Firing Gun During Confrontation 

Father Of White Boy Who Took Whip To Black Family Arrested After Firing Gun During Confrontation

We previously shared a story about a young white boy who took whip to doorstep of a Black family looking for their Black daughter, well, it has escalated.

A Texas man, identified as Bryan Thomas Brunson and the boy’s father, has been arrested after firing a gun during the confrontation with the family, who simply tried to talk to him over his son harassing them with a whip.

In a second clip posted by Mrs. Nash, she and her husband, identified online as Dee, went to confront the boy’s father, identified Bryan Thomas Brunson. That is when things quickly escalated for the worse.


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Walking up to Brunson’s door, Dee remains cool and collected as he tries to tell Brunson about his son’s recent harassment. Brunson flat out denied any culpability and demands to see the footage of his son’s wrongdoings.

In addition to the footage of the boy cracking the whip at the Nashes’ door, the family also alleges that he scratched their car after Mrs. Nash told him to get off of her porch. The Nashes also show evidence they have of that as well.

However, Brunson is still in denial and tells the family get off of his property. While Mr. Nash continues to speak, he accidentally backs into some plants and Brunson gets enraged, telling him to get off and that he must pay to replace them.

The Nashes also said that when Brunson answered the door, he had a gun on him, and appeared ready to use it — which he did. Another clip from the Nashes reveals shots being let off, forcing them to retreat from Brunson’s property.

According to Kaufman County Constable Precinct 2 Chief Administrator Jason Johnson, Brunson was arrested and booked for deadly conduct, which was later upgraded to a felony charge after firing his Ruger semi-automatic pistol during his altercation with the Nashes.

Brunson, who has since made bond, reportedly had the gun in hand during his confrontation, put the gun down, and when he went to pick it back up, he allegedly handled it in a reckless manner, causing it to go off.

Authorities say, he almost struck his own daughter, who was standing behind him, along with his son (who harassed the Nashes).

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