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Candace Owens Says The Media Does Not Care About White Victims



"The Media Does Not Care About White Victims" - Candace Owens 

“The Media Does Not Care About White Victims Or Black Victims” – Candace Owens

We reported earlier that relatives of Buffalo’s supermarket-slaughter suspect are copping the COVID defense, telling the New York Post on Monday that the teen shooter likely snapped because of his paranoia and isolation from the pandemic.

Well, it appears Candace Owens has some things to share about the incident and how the media has been portraying it.

According to the controversial conservative commentator, the media doesn’t care about White victims. Taking to Twitter, Candace shared in a lengthy thread how Black crimes are being undermined by the media.


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“A black supremacist took a vehicle and plowed it into a group of white people at a Christmas parade in Waukesha. A white supremacist carved the name of one of those white parade victims onto a rifle and livestreamed a mass shooting in a majority black neighborhood,” she tweeted.

“Both acts are heinous but they will not earn equal coverage in the media. Our dishonest, race-obsessed media should be blamed for BOTH of these massacres. They will elevate the Buffalo shooting because white crimes vs. black victims is preferred. The cycle of hatred continues.”

She continued, “Of course the media does not care about white victims or black victims. None of us, ever. All they care about is power. So today they are thinking: “how can we use dead black people to attack Tucker Carlson?” Delusional filth. That is what our mainstream media has become.”

“Today is your reminder that your media: Does not care about dead black people Does not care about dead white people Does not care about dead police officers They will continue to sacrifice all Americans to “narrative” in an effort to garner more power for themselves.”

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