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Amber Heard Allegedly Doing Bump Of Coke On The Stand In Viral Video



Amber Heard Accused Of Sniffing Cocaine In Courtroom In Viral Video

Amber Heard Accused Of Sniffing Cocaine In Courtroom In Viral Video

Amber Heard has been trending on social media after a video that allegedly shows her doing a bump of coke on the stand, mid testimony in courtroom surfaced online.

There’s been mixed reactions on the short clip with folks online sharing their takes.  In the viral video, Amber appears to be having a running nose before using a white handkerchief to clean her nostrils.

However, taking another look at the clip, it seems she might have snorted cocaine according to many on social media. “Anyone else catch amber heard doing a bump of coke today on the stand,” someone tweeted.

“After people pointed out yesterday that Amber Heard wasn’t crying because her nose wasn’t running, today she’s sniffing like a coke fiend,” another user wrote.

“A video shows Amber Heard do what appears to do a bump of coke mid testimony I was just saying how this trial shouldn’t be aired on TV but since it is it’s hard to resist,” another person noted.

See some reactions on Twitter below:

As we reported earlier, Johnny Depp and his manager are arguing that his ex-wife and actress Amber Heard cost her ex-husband at least $22.5 million for his lost role in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6.’

Jack Whigham, who is Depp’s former agent and current talent manager, took the stand on Monday (May 2) and gave further intel on his client’s finances.

In his testimony, Whigham claims his client had a planned role in the sixth installment of the ‘Pirates‘ film. He believes there is zero doubt in his mind that his client lost the part because of Heard, which ended up costing Depp a whopping $22.5 million.


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