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Alabama Corrections Officer Vicky White Who Went Missing With Inmate Now Fired



Corrections Officer Vicky White Will Be Fired For Helping Inmate

Corrections Officer Vicky White Fired For Helping Inmate

Vicky White, a Lauderdale County corrections officer who went missing with an inmate with a capital murder charge has been fired from her job in Alabama.

As previously reported, Vicky White was reported missing after taking off on a fake transport with inmate Casey White.

Casey White was scheduled to appear in court but he and Vicky never showed up. In a statement, Sheriff Rick Singleton said the corrections officer is fired from the job on top of being charged with assisting an inmate. Before she went missing, Vicky White was planning to retire from the job.

“I mean, yeah. Of course, we haven’t had time to do the paperwork. But, yes, her employment is over with the Lauderdale County sheriff’s office.” said Singleton during a press conference. Currently, Vicky White and Casey White have been missing for six days and investigators claim they have no clue where they could be located.

Singleton noted that it is unclear if the two are still in northern Alabama or left the state completely.

“We don’t really have a clue. We were hoping that vehicle would help us where we need to focus on search.”

Singleton also believed that the pair will use another vehicle to continue their escape effort. Additionally, a flier that was not allowed for the public was also released since the pair most likely used it. Vicki White purchased the vehicle prior to the escape.

“That flier that was released was law enforcement-sensitive and was not supposed to be put out to the public. And one of the agencies advertently, I guess, didn’t realize that and thought they were helping by getting them getting that information out there. We had worked all weekend trying to get a vehicle identified and we finally got solid confirmation Monday morning.”


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