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Kehlani Reacts To Kaalan Walker Being Found Guilty Of Rape



"This Man Is Going To Jail For The Rest Of His Life" - Kehlani On Kaalan Walker Guilty Verdict

“This Man Is Going To Jail For The Rest Of His Life” – Kehlani On Kaalan Walker Guilty Verdict

We reported earlier that Superfly actor and rapper Kaalan Walker has been found guilty of raping six victims — three of them 16-year-old aspiring models — and sexually assaulting a seventh woman during a series of what prosecutors called “sophisticated” attacks between 2013 and late 2018.

He was acquitted of charges related to three of the 10 victims in the case, including two charges of forcible rape.

“I didn’t rape anybody, your honor. I did not rape anybody,” Walker, 27, exclaimed as he was led away in handcuffs after the jury departed. He’s facing up to 100 years to life at sentencing. His lawyer, Andrew Flier, quickly vowed an appeal.

Kehlani who once spoke out against Kaalan on the rape case, has now reacted to the Jury’s verdict.

“Who victim blamed when this came out? I did not forget who tore down victims of sexual assault when this came out. I did not forget what bloggers and what blogs and what platforms felt like. They had to play neutral and give a r*pist a platform for the sake of clicks and views,” she said.

“When this came out. I hope all of y’all beat the **** out of your own *** today. Hope you eat your ******* words. This man is going to jail for the rest of his life. Guilty as. Ill, and it’s crazy that it took this. It took this for y’all to believe it because it should have been believed when all the **** came out, but I hope I hope you feel like ****.”

She added, “I hope you feel like **** and God bless these girls and thank God that they’re getting some form of peace that they have not been able to get through this entire ******* process. So I have to say I don’t wanna be screaming at my phone.”

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