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Blac Chyna Said She Was Joking When She Put A Gun To Rob Kardashian’s Head



Blac Chyna Tells Court She Was Joking When She Put A Gun To Rob Kardashian's Head & Iphone Cord Around His Neck 

Blac Chyna Tells Court She Was Joking When She Put A Gun To Rob Kardashian’s Head & Iphone Cord Around His Neck

Blac Chyna’s $100 defamation lawsuit against the Kardashians enters its 3rd day of a 10-day trial, more and more revelations are being made.

Aside of Chyna’s legal team claiming they have texts and emails proving the family got her E! reality show ‘Rob & Chyna’ cancelled, Chyna’s also having to recall the domestic disputes she and Rob had.

One of the disputes includes Rob’s notable allegation of Chyna attacking him while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Rob claimed Chyna tried to strangle him to death with an iPhone charger cord, and said she pointed a gun to his head.

Now that the trial is underway, Chyna claims she was just ‘joking’ when she pointed the gun at her ex-fiancé. While testifying in court on Wednesday (Apr. 20), Chyna addressed Rob’s abuse allegations, which lead up to their split and end of their reality TV show.

Chyna told the jury that back in December 2016, she and Rob were celebrating their show getting picked up for a second season. She said they began throwing money around and “being silly.” Chyna’s lawyers showed the court a video clip from the night of their alleged fight, and footage showed Rob wearing a torn shirt.

Chyna says Rob’s clothing was ripped when they were playing around, and she meant no harm. She also says he never asked her to stop or indicated that she was hurting him.

Later that night, Chyna claims Rob was playing video games when she jokingly put an iPhone cord around his neck — which she says was a joke to get him to pay attention to her. Chyna insisted that she did not try to strangle Rob and hurt him. Moving on to the allegation of the gun, Chyna told the court that Rob kept it on a dresser, and that he kept it unloaded with no bullets in the house.

When Rob was eating on FaceTime with his friends that night, Chyna put the gun to his head and jokingly said he better never leave her, but wasn’t being serious.

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