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Kollege Kidd Ray Autry’s Brother Rich Autry Fires Back At ‘Fat Ass Pedo’ DJ Akademiks



Late Ray Autry's Brother Rich Autry Blasts Akademiks

Late Ray Autry’s Brother Rich Autry Blasts Akademiks

DJ Akademiks recently slammed Kollege Kidd co-founder Ray Autry, saying the blogger and rapper died after overdosing on hate.

“Raysean Autry, half of the Kollege Brothers, he died. He died after overdosing on hate. That’s it! I’m sorry to say. I gotta be honest with ya’ll. He didn’t die of COVID,” Ak said.

He continued, “the n*gga, instead of going to doctor’s appointments, instead of focusing on his health, instead of focusing on family, instead of focusing on anything good — his last moments in life was sending out tweets hating on Akademiks. I was on his mind, it’s very unfortunate.”

After his rant, Ray’s brother, went off on Ak on social media.

“Look like somebody already whooped his a*s something serious. Dude got a permanent lopsided face,” he said after calling him ugly and a pedophile. He then shared a video of Ak getting roasted by Vic Mensa.

“Lil ugly dude lol. I know yo fat ass cry every time your hamster lookin ass look in the mirror. Keep my bro name out your mouth. You mad at life cause you get bullied on social media daily just like you got beat up and bullied for running your mouth growing up,” he wrote in another tweet.

See it all below:

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