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Chinese Kitty’s Boyfriend Took Her AP Watch Back After Breaking Up



Chinese Kitty's Boyfriend Repossess Her Watch After They Split!

Chinese Kitty’s Boyfriend Repossess Her Watch After They Split

Female rapper Chinese Kitty was forced to give back a $150,000 watch that her boyfriend gave her as a gift.

Her man allegedly “repossessed” the watch, after Chinese Kitty decided to break up with him.

The beautiful rapper told her fans on Instagram, “Whats up with the Indian givers?? If a girl don’t want to be with you and all of a sudden you wanna take sh*t back.” Here’s a picture of Chinese Kitty wearing the watch:

Chinese Kitty's Boyfriend Repossess Her Watch After They Split

And the “sh*t” that she claims her boyfriend took back from her, is her diamond incrusted Audemars Piguet watch, worth an estimated $150,000. You can see a picture of it above.

And it gets even worse. According to Chinese Kitty, she paid for half of the watch that she was forced to give up.

Chinese Kitty’s ex is considered a “street dude”, and she may have faced serious repercussions if she didn’t give up her jewelry.

Check out her post below:

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