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“NBA Player & ‘Cooking Star’ Wife Headed For Divorce” – TikToker Claims



Woman On TikTok Claims An NBA Player And 'Cooking Star' Wife Are Headed For Divorce

Woman On TikTok Claims An NBA Player And ‘Cooking Star’ Wife Are Headed For Divorce

An NBA player and his wife may be headed for divorce, according to a woman on TikTok who claims to have overheard the two fighting at their lawyers office.

The Tiktoker claims to have interned at a law firm popular with celebrities, and was there when the NBA player and his wife walked into the office.

According to the TikToker, the NBA player’s wife was trying to launch a new furniture line. But her husband was allegedly trying to block her business moves. The NBA player allegedly told his wife that it was “too soon” to launch a furniture line and that she “already had cooking stuff.”

The player was likely worried about his wife diluting his brand equity, by continuously launching new ventures tied to his name/image and brand.

But the NBA player’s wife didn’t seem to be concerned by what she was doing to her husband’s brand – she just wanted to launch more “businesses.”

The Tiktoker and the lawyer, however, is taking the wife side. They believe that the NBA player is “holding back” his wife, because he doesn’t want her to “steal his shine.”

Listen to her below:

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