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Florida Nurse Fired For Posting & Mocking Newborn Baby With Birth Defect On Instagram



Nurse Fired For Posting Newborn Baby With Birth Defect On Instagram

Nurse Fired After Posting Newborn Baby With Birth Defect On IG

A Florida nurse who goes by the name Sierra Samuels, was immediately fired after it was discovered that she posted several photos of a newborn infant with a birth defect and mocked the child on social media.

According to the New York Post, Sierra Samuels was fired on Thursday from the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

Her termination was immediately effective after an investigation that started last month when it was discovered she posted two photos of a newborn with an abdominal wall birth defect on her Instagram page. The caption under the patient’s photo reads, “My night was going well them boom!”

The caption on a second photo of the infant was more disturbing where the infant had gastroschisis, a birth defect where the intestines are found outside of the body and exit through the belly button. It reads, “Your intestines posed to be inside not outside baby!”

Samuels was placed on administrative leave during the investigation and worked for the hospital since 2016 before her termination. Due to the nature of the breach, an attorney for the hospital said she violated the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

“With images, you have a certain expectation of privacy that if you’re in an area that you’re in an area that you believe to be private and in this case a hospital, even more so.”

Samuels has yet to release a statement about the incident and her Instagram profile is currently private.