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21 Savage Says Rappers Won’t Work With NBA YoungBoy Out Of Loyalty To Lil Durk



"Rappers Don't F*ck With NBA Youngboy Because They F*ck With Lil Durk" - 21 Savage

“Rappers Don’t F*ck With NBA Youngboy Because They F*ck With Lil Durk” – 21 Savage

21 Savage says that several rappers won’t work with NBA YoungBoy because they’re staying loyal to Lil Durk.

Speaking to DJ Akademiks, 21 explained why a lot of rappers have not publicly supported YoungBoy’s new album.

“I don’t feel like everybody in the industry f*ck with him type sh*t,” said Ak.

21 responded, “Rappers don’t f*ck with NBA Youngboy because they f*ck with Lil Durk. You don’t have to pick sides.. but you gotta be a certain type of artist to be in the middle.

He added that “Can’t no n*gga that say they know street n*gga be in the middle.”

He continued, “If you really f*ck with a n*gga. Now if you just musically f*ck with a n*gga? Y’all just do songs here and there, cool. But if you kicking it like a n*gga yo brudda or like I rock with this n*gga then you gotta stand on that I feel like,” said Savage.

Prior, we reported that 21 Savage said Future is bigger than Drake in Atlanta, sparking debate amongst Hip Hop fans online and offline.

“N*ggas don’t be listenin’ to Drake like that where we are. If I wasn’t a rapper, I don’t feel like I still would listen to Drake, for real. It’s just I’m a rapper so I understand the work he puts in and how hard he goes,” he said.

Listen to him below: