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Woman Beaten On IG Live After Bragging About Sleeping With Bestie’s Man



Woman Goes On IG Live To Brag About F*cking Her Bestie's Man

Woman Goes On IG Live To Brag About F*cking Her Bestie’s Man

A California woman may end up facing criminal charges – after she bragged about sleeping with her best friend’s man – and then when the bestie pulled up, she appeared to try to run her over with a car.

The incident happened in Los Angeles, and it was captured on Instagram Live.

A woman went on Instagram Live and decided to expose a deeply held secret. The woman told her viewers that she slept with her best friend’s baby’s father, before he passed away. The woman told her viewers, “I was f**king on your baby daddy, before that n**ga died.”

The explosive revelation had her Instagram popping. But before the woman could let out another sentence, her bestie came from out of nowhere and attacked her.

The bestie reached through the car window and tried to pull the woman out.

The woman managed to escape the beating by driving her car off, and nearly running over her now former best friend.

The Los Angeles Police department are reportedly looking at the video, and considering whether to bring criminal charges against the woman.

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