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Multiple Girls Stabbed And Shot On IG Live During Fight At Virginia Wawa



Virginia Wawa Stabbing Video Making Rounds Online

Virginia Wawa Stabbing Video Making Rounds Online

At least three women were stabbed and two others shot, and the graphic violence was captured on Instagram Live. The incident popped off in Virginia, when a group of girls got into a fight at the gas station.

the fight started when one girl was “talking about” another girl in the comments of her Instagram. The two group of girls decided to meet up at the local Wawa, and settle things violently, the reports claim.

But one of the girls pulled a knife and began recklessly stabbing her adversaries. At least 20 stabbings in the video, all of the victims were women who were unaware that they were being punctured with a deadly weapon.

Virginia Wawa Stabbing Video Making Rounds Online

Then towards the end of the video, things turned even deadlier. One woman pull a gun and began recklessly firing into the crowd.

Social media reports say that two women were injured as a direct result o the gunshots. Luckily no one was killed.

Watch the video below: