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DreamDoll Announces She’s Bisexual In Pride Month Post



DreamDoll Comes Out Of The Closet As Bisexual

DreamDoll Comes Out Of The Closet As Bisexual

It’s already June 1st and with the turn of a new month, the United States officially begins celebrating Pride Month. June is packed with events from coast to coast as people attend shows, festivals, marches, and the like, and we’re already seeing LGBTQIA+ Hip Hop artists and allies displaying their support.

It’s become cultural for people to use the Pride Month as an opportunity to officially “come out,” and just in time DreamDoll,  announced her sexuality to the public.

“Happy Pride Month,” the rapper wrote alongside rainbow emojis. “I’m proud to announce that im Bisexual [double heart emoji].” DreamDoll received a swarm of support in her comments, including a playful jab from Dreezy. “Sis we knew,” Dreezy said with a crying laughing emoji.

Back in 2018, DreamDoll sat down for an interview with DJ Smallz where she spoke about being heterosexual…sort of. “I love bad b*tches and beautiful women and big butts and beautiful faces, but for the most part, I can only see myself dating a guy,” she said at the time. “No, I’m not bisexual, but I like beautiful women, like, you know.”

Soon as men started hitting her up for possible threes*me, DreamDoll took to Twitter to share that she doesn’t share her girl.

“Some Guys are so ignorant just because a woman is bisexual don’t equal 3 sums nor does that mean she want to share her girl with y’all crusty asses tf !!!!” she wrote.

“Men always have to make things about them.”

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