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Pooh Shiesty Allegedly Shoots Up King Of Diamonds After Being Robbed



Pooh Shiesty Robbed On Stage At King Of Diamonds Before He Allegedly Shot Up The Place 

Pooh Shiesty Robbed On Stage At King Of Diamonds Before He Allegedly Shot Up The Place

Days after being framed for a suppose leaked s* x tape with a trans woman, Rapper Pooh Shiesty may be in trouble. The rapper was caught on video carrying a gun inside of popular Miami nightclub King Of Diamonds shortly after gunshots erupted in the Florida Gentleman’s club.

And folks on social media are saying that he rapper “shot up the club” after a partygoer robbed the rapper of $40,000 in cash.

If Pooh did shoot up the club, the rapper faces a charge of Shooting Into an Occupied Dwelling – which carries a penalty of 15 years in prison, 15 years of probation and a fine of $10,000.

According to reports, Pooh Shiesty was performing at the Miami strip club and the rapper went onstage carrying $40,000 in cash in his pants pocket.

Pooh got a little too close to the crowd, and one partygoer quickly reached up and snatched the wad of cash from Pooh’s pockets. The pickpocket then quickly disappeared into the crowd, before Pooh and his goons could catch him.

Pooh Shiesty was captured on video looking extremely upset about getting robbed. The multi-platinum rapper then put a ski mask over his face, in an effort to disguise himself.

Then – all of a sudden gunshots erupted inside the club. And one partygoer claimed that it was Pooh Sheisty who was shooting. “Pooh Sheisty [just] shot . . .Pooh Sheisty let off in this b*t*h,” the person said.

Less than a minute later, Pooh was escorted out of the club by security. And Pooh can be clearly seen carrying in handgun.

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