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Too Short Defends Lori Harvey Against Boosie Badazz Criticisms



Too Short Reacts To Lori Harvey "Body Count" Criticisms: 'Maybe She's A Really Great Person To Be With'

Too Short Reacts To Lori Harvey “Body Count” Criticisms: ‘Maybe She’s A Really Great Person To Be With’

Lori Harvey‘s body count was brought up following her new lovey dovey relationship with PEOPLE’s sexiest man alive Michael B Jordan. Many including Boosie Badazz felt Michael was a simp for pedestaling her.

The 24-year-old beauty has made headlines over her alleged and confirmed relationships with Justin Combs, Diddy, Future, Lewis Hamilton, and now Michael B. Jordan.

This list made Boosie felt she’s not a wife material and he even defended himself saying: “I just say y’all get it fucked up as goals. If you saying  that’s goals that means you want your daughter to f*ck 7-8 niggas in a couple of months.”


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However, Vlad decided to bring the topic up once again, this time with Too $hort. Vlad revisited his previous conversation with Boosie and listed off Lori’s previous romances but the Rap legend seemed to not get his point.

“Is that good or bad?” questioned Short, before Vlad went on again about Lori’s dating life and Boosie’s response.

“I think if you’re like, a ballplayer, and your kid grows up around that environment, maybe that kid might grow up to like ballplayers. I don’t know, if you raise a kid around the entertainment industry, that’s usually what is appealing to you,” said Too $hort.


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“I get the part about not dating out of popular circles ’cause she has a really popular father and anybody that’s not in comparison to that is like…she can’t really get her own man to stand up to daddy’s status. That’s my opinion.”

“it has a lot to do with who you are as a person, so maybe, she’s a really great person to be with. Maybe she’s really smart or a fun-lover or something about her that’s amazing that makes all these guys make her their girlfriend.”

He added, “If you’re man enough to finally go, I want to keep her, the one that everybody wanted, then you keep her.”

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