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Kanye West Says He’ll Beat Joe Biden Through Write-ins



Kanye West Aim At Joe Biden In New Tweets 

Kanye West Aim At Joe Biden In New Tweets

The 2020 presidential election is drawing nearer by the day and things are beginning to get more tense. Kanye West‘s sudden inclusion in the race has been a bit dramatic. Many people believe he’s in to share Black people’s vote with Joe Biden.

And now, it seems the speculations are right. Kanye took to Twitter today to express his confidence in his chances.

He shared two similar tweets where he claims he is going to beat Biden through write-ins, alone. For those who don’t know, write-ins are when the voter writes down a candidate’s name even if they aren’t actually on the ballot.

“I will beat Biden off of write ins #2020VISION,” he tweeted. “I CAN BEAT BIDEN OFF OF WRITE INS #2020VISION,” Ye ascertain. However, folks online quickly pointed out that Ye is not interested in defeating Trump.

Kanye West earlier revealed on 99.3 The Jam that he’ll like to make Donald Trump is vice president. “I think Trump would be a great Vice President. That would be my first pick,” he said before shouting out his current running mate. “We have a running mate right now named Michelle Tidball who is a Christian pastor out of Wyoming. And you know every Black president need a Michelle.”

Somewhere else in the interview, Kanye West also predicted that if he doesn’t win the election, it’ll be Donald Trump.

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