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Dominican ‘Gangs’ Harass Black People In NYC Amid Looting



Dominican Gang Chase Black Teens Out Of Their Neighborhood In Viral Video 

Dominican Gangs Chase Black Teens Out Of Their Neighborhood In Viral Video

We reported earlier that two Latin Kings gang were shot and killed last night in Chicago, after the gang made the unprecedented pivot, and began helping the police control looters. It appears Dominican Gangs are now taking similar steps.

A Latin King leader was reportedly killed in a drive-by shooting after their “policing”, turned into racial profiling and harassment on Black people.

Well, in New York City, groups of armed Latinos are reportedly chasing and attacking Black people. The armed Latinos claim that they are “protecting” their neighborhoods against looters. However, the sudden vigilantes aren’t just targeting looters, they appear to be targeting any Black person, and assume that they are looters.

According to social media reports, dozens of Black people have been beaten by the Latino mobs, who have ties to the Trinitarios gang.

Here is a video taken from New York’s Washington Heights, a heavily Dominican immigrant neighborhood.

A small group of Black teens were called “n*gg*rs” and told to leave their neighborhood. The teens were subsequently chased out the area by men carrying weapons.

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