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Russ Almost Dies Doing Wiz Khalifa “Kush Up” Challenge



Russ Nearly Died Doing Wiz Khalifa "Kush Up" Challenge

Russ Nearly Died Doing Wiz Khalifa “Kush Up” Challenge

In this time of self quarantine due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there has been lots of online challenges to keep people popping amid boredom. Gillie Da Kid also started the “Kush Up” challenge only for smokers.

The challenge has since gone viral on social media and many people who think they’re up to the task have joined.

Just as you might have expected, Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg accepted the competition without a second thought but, then again, they always have a joint placed between their fingers.


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Rapper Russ is also a fanatic smoker, but not at the level that Wiz Khalifa holds himself at so when the latter invited the rapper to join the fun, he nearly ended up coughing his lungs out. “Ay @wizkhalifa why tf did you nominate me for this,” asked Russ in a video upload to Instagram. “I almost died.”

In the video Russ shared on his instagram page, the level of discomfort that Russ encounters are visible on his face. At first, he doesn’t have an issue but as he nears his limit, a scowl grows on his lips before he’s forced to exhale quickly and presumably have a cough attack.

“I nominate no one because I will not subject anyone else to this suffering,” added the artist.


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Ay @wizkhalifa why tf did you nominate me for this 😑😑 I almost died 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #kushupchallenge

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