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Power Spoiler Alert! Ghost Is Not Dead



New Theory Says Ghost Is Not Really Dead 

New Theory Says Ghost Is Not Really Dead

The internet went wild when James ‘Ghost‘ St. Patrick who is the main star of ‘Power’ was shot and possibly killed by his son Tariq in the mid-season finale.

While he’s yet to be confirmed dead. Lovers of the movie have been speculating on his death ever since.

Well, there is an interesting theory going around, that the character Ghost from the Starz hit show Power didn’t really die.

New Theory Says Ghost Is Not Really Dead

The theory is that Ghost found Tariq’s hidden gun and replaced the bullets in it, with non-lethal ones. He then arranged to have himself removed from the crime scene, by an ambulance.

And Ghost plans to remain in the shadows going forward while everyone thinks he’s dead. In essence, he’s becoming a real ghost.

Below is a better explanation of the theory on YouTube :

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