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Oprah Found ‘Discrepancies’ In Russell Simmons Documentary



Oprah Found 'Discrepancies' In Russell Simmons Documentary

Oprah Reportedly Found ‘Discrepancies’ In Russell Simmons Documentary

Oprah Winfrey reportedly found discrepancies in Russell Simmons documentary after announcing that she would no longer be producing the docu series.

Yesterday, Oprah backed out of the documentary following the lives of alleged “victims” claiming sexual assault by music industry mogul Russell Simmons.

According to MTO, one person who saw the new documentary said the allegations against Russell are “thin” on evidence, and the victims stories seem to have “discrepancies.”

Oprah Reportedly Found 'Discrepancies' In Russell Simmons Documentary

Since the start of the allegations, Russell Simmons has come out publicly and denied ever sexually assaulting anyone.

The insider told MTO, “After the disaster of Oprah putting out the unsubstantiated claims against Michael Jackson in Leaving Neverland, she couldn’t be a part of this.”

“Those women may have been assaulted, I can’t say. But that documentary doesn’t prove sh*t,” the insider added.

The insider added, “You can’t make those kind of allegations with no proof whatsoever. If Oprah put her name behind that, her reputation would be ruined.”

Oprah is “stepping down as executive producer AND blocking [the documentary’s] path to Apple TV!” as reported by TMZ.

The doc is still set to premiere next month at the Sundance Film Festival.

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