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Travis Scott Alleged Sidechick Yung Sweetro Responds To Dating Rumors



Travis Scott alleged sidechick Sweetro

Travis Scott Alleged Sidechick YungSweetro Responds To Dating Rumors

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner’s split has been a trending topic ever since as it’s accompanied by lots of conspiracies. Travis Scott allegedly dumped Kylie Jenner for an instagram model who has been taking shots at Kylie for a while now.

Travis Scott and the alleged sidechick YungSweetro have been in a long time relationship, as far back as 2013 according to reports.

And it seems the two have been in some kind of sidechick vacation as the circulating pictures portrays.

Kylie Jenner was also rumored to be trying to fix things with her ex-boyfriend Tyga after she was spotted at his studio with two of her friends.

Kylie later issued a statement concerning the breakup and also denied going on a date with her ex Tyga while Travis Scott is yet to respond to the ongoing speculations.

“Travis and I are on great terms and our main focus right now is Stormi, our friendship and our daughter is priority,” Kylie explained.

Travis Scott alleged sidechick Yungsweetro responds

Travis Scott’s alleged sidechick who’s Instagram handle is @yungsweetro, appears to be denying the rumors swirling around regarding her alleged relationship with Travis.

She shared a post to her story stating her piece on the reports and how they’re very much false.

“None of these rumors are true, it’s just the internet creating a false narrative. Please stop spreading lies & leave us alone because it’s affecting reali lives. Thank you,” Yungsweetro cleared.

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TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh _____ A woman perceived to be #TravisScott’s side piece says the rumors surrounding her are not true. _______ Evidence has piled up on social media seemingly linking the woman, whose IG name is Yungsweetro, to Travis in several instances that include a trip to a casino, and what’s alleged to be a snowy bacaetion. _______ Even though she denies the claims, the woman has also publicly taken jabs at Kylie Jenner on her IG page and story. _______ An image of a photo dating back to 2013 that is alleged to be of the woman and Travis holding a big stuffed bear dates back to 2013 has also resurfaced at this time. SWIPE to see the receipts for yourself.

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