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Sidechick Brutally Beaten On Live After Being Lured To Dude’s House



Sidechick brutally beaten

Sidechick Gets Beaten After Going To Dude’s House For Some More

A video showing a sidechick getting the beating of her life by boyfriend’s main girl is currently making rounds on the internet.

The woman brutally descended on the side chick after confronting her and it was all recorded on live.

The side chick appears to have been lured to the home of her lover. And once she arrived, the side piece got confronted by his girlfriend.

In the video which reportedly took place in Alabama, the woman scolded the sidechick, “Why are you out here f*cking my n*gga.”

And when the alleged sidechick denied having relations with the woman’s man, she pulled her inside and gave her a mercilessly beating.

Side chick brutally beaten by main girl

She can be seen sitting on the alleged sidechick in the video, calling her a ‘b*tch’ while raining heavy punches on her.

Watch the trending video below :

Side Chick Brutally Beaten By Main Girlfriend After Being Lured Into Dude’s Home

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