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Russian Teen Commits Suicide On Live After Watching Joker Movie



Teen commits suicide after watching Joker movie

Teen Commits Suicide On Live After Watching Joker Movie

A video of an 18 year old Russian teen who committed suicide on live is currently making rounds on the internet.

The teen reportedly killed himself after watching the blockbuster villain movie ‘ Joker ‘.

It’s a graphic scene to see, Gleb Korabljov is the name of the teen boy and he livestreamed it for his followers to watch.

According to reports, Gleb made reference to The Joker and the final scene where the Joker was supposed to commit suicide on Live TV in the full suicide video.

Then the high school student went into a long rant, and eventually put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

Watch the video below (warning ; very graphic):

Teen commits suicide on live after watching The Joker movie


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